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Harry is a gift to humanity, his commitment to serve others with compassion and humility is as refreshing as it is inspiring. As a speaker we are delighted to work with Harry as we have seen first hand how he connects with all communities, through his highly interactive, humorous, inspiring and most of all authentic style. He makes audiences, laugh, cry, believe in themselves and take action! As the World's Leading Events Company we are grateful to Harry's guidance and support with regards to creating more impact and serving more people. If you have the opportunity to work with Harry grab it with both hands as we know your life will be enriched for doing so.

Veronica & Richard Tan Success Resources

My only question is why is there only one of him? As a speaker, a coach, a mentor, a friend and most importantly a man. I have worked numerous times with Harry and watched him transform lives. He has such a gentle and loving way of reaching into ones hearts to find their truth to set them free, to find their peace, so that they may rebuild themselves, with the self-esteem and the confidence, to succeed in this world. I am telling you, it's a gift. I love the way he thinks, and he's so profound with his words. What make Harry extraordinary, is how he listens. He is protective, and very generous with those around him. My life has been Blessed by knowing Harry Singha.

Kathy Buckley International Speaker & Comedianne

I met Mr Harry Singha when I was 12 years old and since then he has been a constant guide, coach and mentor. From the first day we met I experienced the faith he had in me, which has supported me to be able to serve even more people with my message. With Harry Singha's mentorship I continue to speak at Global platforms and am honoured to be a resident speaker at his Foundation's Youth Leadership Summit. My mission is to share the joy of giving and there aren't many people on this planet that give as much as Mr Harry Singha.

Aidan Hornaday International Speaker and Philanthropist

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