!!! Offer Closes August 12th !!!

"What if you could take the biggest challenge in your life right now

and dramatically turn it around in 12 months from now?" 


I'm Harry Singha and I have been delivering personal development and Leadership programmes for over two decades as a speaker and a Coach & Mentor. 

I've been blessed to speak on the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Dr John Demartini, President Bill Clinton and Anthony Robbins. Plus I've delivered programmes to over a million people accross six continents.

I love seeing people LIGHT up, and being able to play a part in that fills me with immense pride and gratitdue.

In 2010 I was challenged [dared] to take a small group of individuals on a year long personal development programme, which would transform the one thing that was draining the most energy
in their life at the time and then support them to achieve their most desired 12 month goal.
The programme was called LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE and all those who went onto the programme had phenomenal results.

Now I'm Looking To Take On A New Group Of People

Who Are Highly Commited To Changing An Area Of Their Life
On A 12 Month Transformational Journey With Me

If You're Up For The Challenge 

And Wish To Be Selected For This Very Special One Off Opportunity Then Read On ... 

Now Let Me Firstly Clarify That Most Of My Year Long Coaching & Mentoring Programmes
Involve 3 Huge Forms Of Investment:

        1. Fees start from £10,000
        2. Travel and accommodation to attend events
        3. And Time

However for this one off programme and what makes this a very special opportunity is:

1. I'm keeping the fee is so low, that virtually anyone can afford it 
2. There is absolutely no travelling or accommodation required to attend any events
3. Although it will still require an investment of your time, it will be in your own time

What's the Investment?

ONLY £97 !!!
And that's not per month, that's a one off up front payment to joing this
one year coaching & mentoring programme with me and my team. Nothing else to pay 

AND -  There is no sales pitch for a further high price programe - The Complete 12 month Coaching & Mentoring from my team and I - Guaranteed !

  • Monthly 60 minute live webinar [12 in total] - I will be personally presenting and taking questions
    Recordings will be available so you have the option to join live or catch up at your earliest convenience
  • Monthly on-line 60 minute Mastermind Sessions  - Tapping into the resources of your peer group going on the journey with you. 
  • Regular Skype Coaching Sessions with your allocated Coach
  • Email and Social media support from my team and I in between the monthly sessions
  • And many other added value surprised ;-)

Why such a low price ?

Well it's simple really, I loved delivering this programme 5 years ago and I am going to repackage and offer it again as part of my portfolio of coaching & mentoring programmes next year and when I run this programme again, it will be in line with my other programmes including the price point.

What I am looking for on this special one off programme is a group of individuals that are :

    a) Committed to playing full out 

    b) Ready to start in September 2015

    c) Willing to provide case study and testimonials for my The Ultimate Challenge Programme

AND 100% of your £97 investment is going directly to my Foundation to provide scholarships for vulnerable teenagers to attend six day residential leadership summits! 

How Do I Apply?

I expect to be inundated with applications for this programme not least because of the price and 

I want to ensure I select the right people 

So if you are interested and serious about being selected for this unique programme 

Click Here To Be Taken To A Simple Application Form or use the url below:


 Apply Now As All Successful Applicants Will Have Been Selected By August 12th 2015