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Here's What Others Are Saying About My Book

"Harry Singha is a special individual with an incredible heart.  A heart that he chooses to share in this powerful and moving book that reflects one child's journey through the trauma and tribulations of growing up with domestic violence.  However, rather than choose the easy path of justifying what's wrong and sticking with the story of victim-hood, Harry uses tremendous courage to take this opportunity to connect with the reader and take them on a journey to empowerment from what can only be described as the darkest beginning that any child could face.  His honest and uncensored style together with a lifetime of searching for meaning compels us all to confront our own stories we tell about our past and in doing so create a far brighter future for ourselves.  A personal and heart-tugging text with a powerful and highly practical message, I invite anyone who has ever suffered physical or emotional abuse to read this book and discover for yourself, that it is never too late to have a happy childhood! ”

Peter Sage
International Best Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur

"I started to read this book and I could not put it down until I had finished it. It is a book that will change the way you think and live your life.   Harry’s honesty about the painful experiences that shaped his childhood – and his strength and determination to use these in a positive way to help others will move and inspire you.  It’s a ‘must read’ – not only for young people and families experiencing domestic violence – but for everyone facing challenges in their own lives.  It’s also a book that every Mum will want to read because what shines through every page is the amazing relationship that Harry has with his mother and how her unconditional love gives him the strength not only to survive this journey but to use it in a way that has changed the lives of thousands of others.  Thank you Harry”

CEO, The Parent Coaching Academy
Author of 'The Mummy Coach', 'Get A Life' And 'The 7-Day Parent Coach'

"Harry Singha shares important life-enhancing principles, about the difficult and destructive world of domestic violence, through his own personal journey of learning to turn his worst days into his best days. His work is focused. His story is compelling. And his teaching is universally effective helping people from many paths to lift themselves and live their best life.”

       Brian Mayne

Author of 'Goal Mapping' and 'Sam the Magic Genie'

"Harry Singha is committed to helping others be their best.  By sharing his real-life "something's not right" experiences with us, Harry opens our hearts to realize just how impressionable children and teenagers really are.  Rather than just opening up wounds of past memories without any resolution, Harry shares insights for turning our "tests" into our "testimonies."  This book will bless you as you gain new perspectives on transforming your worst days into your best days.  Get excited because you will definitely have some incredible breakthroughs.”

Marlon Smith
International keynote speaker, consultant and author of 'Living with Purpose' and '

Real Relationship Devotionals'

"Harry has a life changing book that will empower you to move forward, transform, and reframe your life. It's a must read not only for someone who has suffered physical or emotional abuse, but for each one of us.
The growth, changes, and identity of our lives are formed through our experiences, both good and bad. In my work with the homeless on the streets of America I’ve been able to see how homelessness isn't about economics at all, but about being lost and broken. In most cases there's one single life-altering event that they've not been able to overcome. For one man it was the memory of being left in the snow at 8, without a coat, watching his dad drive away forever. For another it was the death of his fiancée another the death of a dream. For my own father, who took his life when I was 7, it was the same.  Many men and women are simply unable to deal with the tragic events life hands them.  
Harry opens his heart in this real life remembrance of a young life lost, and reminds us that even diamonds originate from a very dark place.
Congratulations for picking up this book.  Now use it, to transform lives!”

Tammy Kling
Author of 32 books including 'The Compass', and 

'There's More to Life than the Corner Office'

Inspiring Individuals and Communities To Be Greater Leaders Today!"